Matthew Meunier


Matt joined Ogden & Company, Inc. in 2018, bringing two years of experience in the real estate industry. He is currently a Portfolio Manager in the Multi-Family division and a licensed real estate agent.

His role at Ogden is three-fold. By keeping a pulse on the real estate market, he analyzes, assesses, and acts as a fiduciary in real estate transactions to grow client’s portfolios, focusing on multifamily deals. Once the asset is attained, he helps clients maximize the performance of their portfolio by eliminating vacancy, managing the portfolio’s expenses, and adding value to the asset through capital projects. All of these tasks serve the main purpose of providing residents with an excellent home and living experience.

When he puts the phone and laptop away, you can find Matthew on the golf course, spending time with family and friends, or experiencing the many restaurants and food Milwaukee has to offer with his wife. Snowboarding and hunting take up his winter activities when the snow covers the golf course. You’ll also find him out in the community networking and learning from other groups/investors to continue his growth as a real estate junkie.