How to Value Your Home and Still Make Money

How to Value Your Home and Still Make Money

How Can Mariha Stewart Make Me Money?

The asking price you place on your home drastically affects how much money you will make and how long your home will stay on the market. Mariha Stewart has extensive knowledge of the current market, which will aid in setting the asking price.

Some Things To Consider When Selling Your Home:

Time: When it comes to the real estate market, time is your enemy. Although there are many contributing factors, time is one of the most significant factors in whether you turn a profit and how much you profit. The longer a home sits on the market, the less likely it will sell at the initial asking price.

Cost vs. Value: Cost and value are not the same. How much you value your home may contrast with what buyers are prepared to pay for it. When deciding the asking price for your home, don’t stress too much on home enhancements. Not all buyers may have the same ideas as you. For instance, perhaps you love hardwood floors, but the buying party loves carpet.

Don’t Overcomplicate It: Remember, time is not your friend, so keep it simple for the potential buyers. Be adaptable and roll with changing showings and open houses. Additionally, do not make the sale contingent. For example, do not forfeit a sale simply because a different closing date would make your life easier.

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