5 New Year Resolutions for your Home

5 New Year Resolutions for your Home

Now that we are all done with the fun and chaos that comes with the holidays and getting back to normal… Let’s set some intentions for your home…

Here are my 5 New Year Resolutions to make your home look great and continue to build value.

        1. Professional window cleaning (Spring and Fall)

I don’t know about you… But I love opening up my curtains and welcoming in the sunshine. Hiring a professional window cleaning company to come in and take care of the hard-to-reach windows and leaving a streak free shine is a wonderful investment.

        2. Refresh the paint on the front door (Even add a pop of color)

Your front door is a statement of your home. Have fun with it. I have seen a lot of homes really use a bright pop of color to complement their home. Red is always a safe choice, but, have you considered yellow or burgundy?

        3.Research some ways to improve your curb appeal (New plantings, adding stone… have fun with it!)

Adding a beautifully edged stone or mulch bed to the perimeter of your home and complimenting a cute tree or petite bush will open up your home and show off the siding. It’s always best to avoid bulky plantings right up to your home.

        4.Rent a power washer to spruce up the sidewalk and walkways.

This has to be one of my favorite things to have done to a home. I would recommend consulting with a power washing company, or if you want to do this on your own… Just make sure you do your homework, so you don’t damage the finish. You will truly bring the outside of your home back to life. Remove the buildup of winter and the mildew from the spring and brighten up your walkways.

        5.Put together a 12-month preventative Maintenance checklist. (This will make your home last and add value).

I love a plan. If I make a plan and write it down… it gets done. Life gets really busy, and it is so important to not forget about one of our biggest assets, our home. Preventative maintenance will add years of life to your home and prevent major expenses as well as provide a safe home. Some of my favorite preventative maintenance items include; cleaning out the dryer ventilation, cleaning out your gutters twice a year, inspecting windows to make sure you are not losing heat, replace HVAC filters, and cleaning the coils behind your refrigerator.


Do you want a copy of my Preventative Maintenance Checklist?

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