Home Buying Guide In Six Steps

Think about your desires, your needs, and your budget — then work with a qualified professional, for the peace of mind you need when making a decision to buy your home.

Why Hire A Buyer Agent For Your Next Property Purchase

Despite what some people may say about working with a seller’s sub-agent, there are several reasons an increasing number of home buyers ultimately decide to use a buyer’s agent. Recent studies have shown that consumers using a buyer’s agent save an additional five percent (on average) on the purchase price of their home.

What is an Escrow Account & How Do they Work

As a prospective home buyer, you hear mention of escrow accounts from your Realtor® and your lender. The most commonly known escrow accounts allow for payment of certain home-related costs to be set aside in advance.

Where To Get Your Credit Report

you think a late payment or two has affected your credit record, get a copy of your credit report before you complete a mortgage application. If you have been denied credit or employment because of a credit report, you are entitled to a free copy of that report within 30 days after the denial.

Credit History – Fears and Remedies

Many prospective home buyers are fearful that their credit history could affect their ability to get a mortgage. Most times this fear is unfounded or easily remedied.

What is Mortgage Insurance

Not all mortgage loans have mortgage insurance. Those in which the down payment is less than 20 percent of the purchase price do, and they are meant to guard the lender in the event there is a default on a mortgage. When a default occurs, the property goes into foreclosure.

Why Consider a 15 Year Mortgage Term

There is a good reason why so many Americans select a 30-year pay-out term when they buy a home. It’s called cash flow. For most of us, handling a 15-year-term just does not fit our monthly budget.

How A Home Loan Is Processed

The process of obtaining home financing can seem difficult. Conditions set by external sources outside the lending institution are strict and must be followed. Understood, however, they are more easily managed by you. This article will examine these regulations, as well as the criteria lenders use to determine loan approval.

How do I find a real estate attorney?

Not all real estate attorneys are competent, let alone good. And it’s important to find one who will help, rather than hinder, the deal. Finding a good real estate attorney is like finding a good broker.

4 Steps to Buying a New Home

For first-time home buyers, the process of buying a house can seem daunting. With a little education, a little soul-searching, and the help of an Ogden professional, however, the process cannot only be painless, but also exciting.